12.2% of our staff are left-handed

DID YOU KNOW…left-handed people

  • Make up roughly 12% of the population

  • Are more likely to have allergies

  • Are twice as likely to be male

  • Are better at multi-tasking

  • Are more likely to pursue creative careers

And finally, you can buy left-handed pens on Amazon

52.3% of our staff are Minnesota Vikings Fans

  • DID YOU KNOW…the first regular season NFL touchdown EVER scored in the history of the Minnesota Vikings franchise came in a 37-13 win over the Chicago Bears in the team’s very first game ever.  It happened on a 14-yeard pass from Fran Tarkenton to Bob Schnelker in 1961.

  • Cris Carter had 42 100-yard receiving games during his career. Two of the came with the Philadelphia Eagles and 40 of them with the Vikings.

  • The first team that Adrian Peterson would pile up a total of 1000 or more rushing yards against during his career was the Green Bay Packers.

  • The first coach in the Minnesota Vikings history  was Norm Van Brocklin from 1961 to 1965.

And finally, the Minnesota Viking WILL win a Super Bowl….SOMEDAY!!!

70.1% of our staff are graduates of the North Dakota State University System

  • DID YOU KNOW…The North Dakota University System employs more than 17,500 people.

  • About 4,000 faculty members and more than 7,900 staff members work on University System campuses and in the NDUS office.

  • Nearly 5,700 students earn income from University System campus jobs.

  • The NDUS is made up of 11 colleges and universities across the state.

North Dakota is a great place to earn your degree!!!

24.5% of our staff are runners

  • DID YOU KNOW 20% of Americans prefer pounding the pavement with a pup, while 32% choose a two-legged buddy.

  • 32% of those polled say they channel Forrest Gump on the run, while 26% make like Rocky Balboa through the streets of Philadelphia.

  • Athletes dressed in red are more likely to win events than athletes wearing any other color.

  • The oldest person to complete a marathon was born in 1911, making him 100 years old at the time. He was an Indian man names Fauja Singh, AND guess what? Fauja didn’t even start running until he was 89 years of age.